iOS RPG Ash making its way to 3DS eShop

Gaming Gauge has learnt that SRRN Game’s criticially acclaimed RPG Ash is coming to the 3DS eShop courtesy of CIRCLE Entertainment. The game is currently intended for a Q3/Q4 release and will boast new, upgraded artwork; 3DS features are still under consideration.

Screen from iOS version.

Screen from iOS version.

Ash was originally released on the iOS app store in late 2010 where it was met with strong reviews. Macworld Australia described the game as “nothing short of remarkable” and IGN praised the title for its “great writing, clean 16-bit art, and a swift-moving battle system”. SRRN Games went on to give the title a visual overhaul in late 2011 before releasing a sequel in 2012, Ash II: Shadows, with Konami Digital Entertainment.

It’s good to see that games can coexist on both mobile platforms and dedicated handhelds. With the recent release of Liberation Maiden on iOS it’s evident that games are moving both ways, and in the future simultaneous releases may be the norm. More exposure for small developers and interesting games is definitely a good thing. Whilst you wait for the release of the 3DS version of Ash you might want to watch the trailer(included below) or even download the soundtrack, available on itunes.

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