DS games on the 3DS(mock ups): A Comparison

So we recently got a look at how DS games function on the 3DS. As you can see the games are upscaled to fill the screen rather than mapped 1:1(although the option may be there). The downside to this method is that the games lose a bit a clarity, they can appear a bit blurry and fuzzy. I thought it would be interesting to make some mock up screenshots to compare how different styles are affected by the upscaling.

As you can see 2D games seem to be more affected than 3D games, Mighty Flip Champs and Advance Wars lose some of their detail and it really takes away from the charm of their styles. Pokémon seems to be less affected with Oshawott even benefitting from the blur. Ninja Gaiden, having a 3D model on a prerendered background, has mixed results, the model does look smoother but the background doesn’t look as good.

Kingdom Hearts, Goldeneye and COP(all detailed 3D games) seem to be the least affected and do seem to benefit from the blur a bit, with Kingdom Hearts looking particular smoother. Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of the Light seems to make the transition less successfully with it benefiting from the smoothing effect but the art style suffering from loss of fidelity. FFCC: Echoes of Times and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker(long titles FTW!) are a tiny bit smoother and a little less detailed but it’s hard to tell the difference if you don’t have both versions in front of you.

What do you think about the difference between the DS screenshots and 3DS mock ups? Which looks the best? What other games would you like to see?

UPDATE: Here’s a shot of FF:CC:Echoes of Time if it was being displayed 1:1. Keep in mind the 3DS screen is about the same size as the DS screen so it would appear quite small.

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