Review: GO Series: 10 Second Run

Developer: G-Mode|Publisher: Gamebridge|Platform: DSiware|Genre: Platformer| RRP: 200 Nintendo Points

10 Second Run is the type of game that gets a lot of mileage out of a simple concept and a very small amount of assets. More importantly it’s the tale of John Redman who is caught in a sinister and supernatural game, forced to relive the same ten seconds and navigate progressively more treacherous terrain until he’s forced to accept the emptiness of his li- Oh, who am I kidding? 10 Second Run is a game about a Red stick man, with a refreshingly simple aesthetic and a some split-second platforming.

The aim of the game is to complete the courses in the space of ten seconds, it starts off simple enough but there is fifty courses and as you get to the second half it can become a nightmare. The difficulty is organic though requiring nothing more than skill. The controls are incredibly simple with only the d-pad and a button used.

Despite the fact that the game has only one real goal which could potentially take less than ten minutes it does actually have some variety and it’s achieved in a really intelligent way. There are three main modes; the Trial mode which is the default mode which counts down ten seconds on every course, Training mode where the clock instead counts up and times your performance on each course and finally the Marathon mode where you must complete the courses in quick succession and it times your complete progess with failures adding to your time. This mode is strictly for the hardcore. There is also one other mode which is good for a quick distraction, it’s a simple timing game requiring you to stop the clock at what you think is 10 seconds.

The extent of replayability for the title is improving on your own scores but this can entertain for a surprisingly long time and for the very low asking price(only 200 Nintendo points!) this is very fair. The game may seem short and simple at first but there is a lot of game there and it’s very efficiently designed. If you enjoy a game that tests your platforming skills then this is the game for you. If you don’t like challenging platforming then this probably isn’t the game for you but you may get your moneys worth, I’d really recommend everyone try it out.

Score: 9/10

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